The Union Jack dress popped on the screen by none other than the Spice Girls Geri Halliwell . The dress was blazing “Love for the UK”.

This dress later went down in history as being one of the most expensive pieces of clothing auctioned off for a Children’s Cancer Charity. Geri Halliwell had her sister re-fabricate the dress on a quick idea. In years to follow it would become a huge costume choice and The Union Jack dress can be found on many costume websites. This is also a top choice for a hen party costumes . The Spice Girls started many trends in their hay-day, but this dress was infamous. No matter the reason for wanting your very own Union Jack dress , costume , hen party costumes , or just a simple party you will love the look.

Even if you do not own your own sewing machine you can borrow one or buy one used. Sewing your own clothing in general saves you a lot of money and you get the chance to be as creative as you want to be. If you are a first time sewer it is very easy to learn. There are many free online classes that can guide you through the process, or you can learn from a veteran sewer simply by watching and learning.

Making your own fancy dress can save you a lot of money and become a very rewarding and enthralling experience. The biggest challenge to overcome is to make sure you measure twice and cut only once. No matter how well it fits on your mannequin it will never fit the same on a living human being so you want to make sure to fit the pieces to you along the way. Every woman is built differently so you can customize it to your curves and body. The Union Jack dress was a simple thought “changing a boring dress fun”. And you can make your very own fancy dress just like the Union Jack or you can make something of your own idea.

Making your own Union Jack fancy dress also gives you freedom to choose your favourite fabrics and colours. Also you can find the pattern that you like the most. Some like short dresses while others would prefer to have longer dresses. Most often stretchy fabric is a top choice because it gives that extra breather room, but again you can choose what you like. If you are on a budget it is a good idea to shop around online or your hometown for your fabric. It is almost always the case “to find it cheaper” if you keep looking. Fabric can be very expensive.

The next step in making your fabulous dress is to decide what kind of embellishments you are going to use, and the closure either zip or button. You can save money by buying everything to finish off your dress at one store.

Whether you are shopping online and need it shipped or you are going to the store. This is the step where you can become very creative. Let your imagination do the sewing and you are sure to come up with a fancy dress fit for a queen.

When making your own dress on a budget remember to shop around, find the pattern that would suit you the best, and have fun. You can get some friends together and have your own pre-party by making your own fancy dresses, costumes, or hen party costumes . No matter the occasion you are sure to look stunning.

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