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Union Jack Club

Union Jack Club

The Union Jack Club is a private members only residential club that provides upscale accommodation for both serving and retired members of the British Armed Services.

This forces hotel allows family members to stay in luxurious accommodation cheaper rates than regular hotels. The club is located near the Waterloo Station in London. It was first constructed in 1904 and membership was solely for members of the British Armed Services. The club opened to rave reviews in 1907, with the grand opening being hosted by King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra. After being heavily bombed during World War II, the area around Waterloo Station was bombed heavily, causing severe damage to the Union Jack Club. It was demolished in 1970 and rebuilt. It re-opened in 1975. Upon the club first opening, it was only for military members and family use. Later it was decided to allow service members such as police officers, fire-fighters, and ambulance personnel to be allowed membership.

Service employees from across London and the UK are able to apply to become members of this forces hotel. As like any other hotel, the clubs rates vary depending on the size of room, people staying, and length of stay.

Reviews of the club always remain high. The hotel rooms are fairly priced, it is one of the cheaper places to stay in London. There is a restaurant and bar for patrons to enjoy. Reviews about the service state that is is quick, the people are friendly, and the food and drink are enjoyable.
This club is a great place for one who is a military history buff. There are rooms adorned with various military artefacts and pictures to view.

To become a member, if one meets the prerequisites, a form must be filled out and submitted. If accepted to the club, annual dues must be paid to remain a member in good standing. There are temporary memberships that are sometimes allowed, depending on circumstances.
The club also features special package deals throughout the year such as holiday packages, weekend get-a-way packages, as well as corporate packages. At Christmas time, they have an excellent holiday package, complete with entertainment.

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Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day

This 27 June 2010 marks the second anniversary of Armed Forces Day in the United Kingdom. Prior to 2009, this historic moment was known as Veterans Day in celebration and veneration of the military personnel lost in war.


The actual traditional of this event began when King George the Fifth commemorated Poppy day or Remembrance Day in 1919. The King’s soldiers saw the field red with what they believed to be Poppies at the end of the First World War only to find that it was the blood strewn remains of soldiers in battle. King George the Fifth acknowledging the tragedy created a memorial after the German signing of the armistice in 1918. Once signed, the war formally ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. Veterans Day as it became known was renamed Armed Forces day in 2006 to show support for the current active duty men and women in the Royal Navy, British Army, and Royal Air Force.

Many consider Armed Forces Day began with The “Trooping Of The Colour” at the Queen’s Birthday Party. This year it was the turn of the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards to Troop their Colour in front of Her Majesty and the rest of the Household Division. This year’s Armed Forces Day celebration will be hosted in Cardiff, on 27 June 2010, to recognise, honour, and venerate all military personnel who challenge and sacrifice their lives for the motherland.

Why Armed Forces Day is important to our country

Parades, silences, and celebrations commemorate contributions past and present of military members and their families. This UK Armed Forces Day in Cardiff the capital city for Wales is hosting the 2nd annual Armed Forces Day supported by the Welsh Assembly government, Cardiff Council, and the Ministry of Defence, Lord Mayor Griffiths. Wales has a strong military history with Cardiff housing the 3rd battalion of the Royal Welsh at Maindy Barracks. Cardiff will present a military parade, traditional drumhead service, and community boarding of HMS Kent, docked in Roath Basin. Other events include stage performances featuring, “The Soldiers” and “Only Men Aloud” following with a finale of firework over the waters of Cardiff Bay. Some 300 events abound throughout the United Kingdom, from the Royal Marines Spean Bridge parade to Folly Field, Green Lane Penzance, offering battle re-enactment with pyrotechnics and aircraft displays. Belfast’s Cenotaph begins with a weeklong program at the Marine Gardens, Carrickfergus.

How you can support Armed Forces Day

Show your support for our fighting troops and their families by hosting a party, attending an event, flying the flag, offering a message or a salute of support for the 2010 Armed Forces Day. Today, our Armed Forces defend the UK and its interest; they fight terrorism in Afghanistan and promote peace, deliver aid, and provide security around the world in the Royal Navy, British Army, and Royal Air Force. For more information about attending an event, go to .To participate in celebration at Cardiff go to WWW.ARMEDFORCESDAYCARDIFF.CO.UK. Raise your salute or our flag in Honour of Armed Forces Day as a Tribute to our active duty soldiers and their families.

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