Why Six Nations Rugby Championship Will Change Your Life

Why Six Nations Rugby Championship Will Change Your Life

Whether you are a member of the Royal family, a celebrity or a commoner, the glamour, passion and fun of the Six Nations Rugby Championship will change the way you choose to spend your Winter weekends. 

This historic championship is one of the top European sporting events and features the best players from English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, French and Italian teams meeting each other over the course of a few Winter weeks.

National Pride

Rugby is one of the biggest sports in these countries and brings out the national pride of those who enjoy the sport and want to support their national team. Each weekend teams face off against each other in some of the largest and loudest stadiums in the World, despite the Union Jack covering most of the nations in the tournament national pride is based on more local borders. For most fans, the chance to watch the tournament every year is the highlight of the sporting calendar as the biggest hits and fastest players in European rugby meet in a bid to claim the Six Nations title.

Six Nations United in Rivalry

One of the major attractions of the tournament is the unpredictability of the Six Nations championship, which rarely sees a repeat winner appear, or a single team dominate the sport for more than a few years. The English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh teams have their own small championship to fight over within the larger championship. The Triple Crown is awarded to any British or Irish team who can defeat all the others and claim an unbeaten season against their local and traditional rivals. Newer rivalries are also fought over during the Six Nations as the French, and Italian teams make their way to Britain and Ireland in a bid to win the overall title by topping the table come the Spring. 

Watching the crowds can be as entertaining as watching the game, with royalty often sat in the stands alongside everyday fans. Other celebrities and stars also make their way to these games in a bid to drink in the unique atmosphere both inside and outside each stadium.

Dress as Britain’s Superhero Union Jack This Halloween

Dress as Britain’s Superhero Union Jack This Halloween

Joey Chapman was the son of a shipbuilder when he was thrust into taking over for the original Union Jack. He donned the Union Jack superhero costume and helped Captain America defeat Baron Blood. From then on, he achieved the vaunted status of Britain’s super hero in the Union Jack comics.

Wear the Union Jack Superhero Costume this Halloween

With Halloween around the corner, a Union Jack superhero costume could be the talk of your costume party.

  • The costume, with a bold UK flag emblazoned across the front, is not as well known among Marvel superheroes.
  • That obscurity could be the conversation starter you need to finally talk to your friend’s cousin whose naughty nurse costume you’ve been eyeing for some time.
  • Union Jack’s popularity as an Avengers Alliance video game character is growing. One player on GameFAQs.com said Union Jack is his second favourite player, which prompted Raugh the Evil Dwarf to add, “I’m loving him too. Doesn’t do a whole lot of damage, but he makes up for it in volume.” Sounds like something you may aspire to pull off at a party if dressed as Britain’s super hero.

Know Your Jack Trivia

  • If your competition is dressed as the popular DC Comics superhero Batman, explain that Jack came from a more modest background, and is therefore more attuned to human suffering, which makes for a better superhero and lover (then wink at nearest potential mate).
  • Tell the faux Batman that Jack works alone. He doesn’t need a Robin or Batwoman.
  • Stress that you represent and protect an entire country, while Batman can barely handle one city.

One last thing before you embark on a night as Jack: Costume designers have made a sexy Jack costume for women. You may run into a female dressed as the same hero as you. Sounds like a power couple to me.

DIY Union Jack Superhero Costume

We provide several products to allow you to hide your real identity when you become a Union Jack Super hero – Union Jack Mask, Cape, Union Jack T-shirt, Afro wig(optional)