The History of Bermuda Shorts

The History of Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are a type of short trousers. They are designed with several inches more length than standard shorts, ending at just above the knee. Depending on the material and style of the shorts, they are worn as either casual or semi-casual attire.

In 2015, people are so accustomed to “shorts” as a form of attire that many people forget that “shorts” originated as short trousers, worn by British boys prior to “coming of age” and progressing to full trousers.

With that in mind, you might wonder, where do Bermuda shorts come from and how did they become attire for adult males?

Although they are now part of everyday street wear, in the late 19th century, British military officers found the climate of the Atlantic islands too hot and humid. As a result, they were granted permission to cut the lower legs off their trousers.

This style was soon adopted by the locals, and adapted into semi-casual and business wear. Today this fashion that began as mens shorts are worn by people of all social and economic standings – such as business men and women, law enforcement personnel, judges, people attending school and college, even grooms on their wedding day.

While the military stuck to the military khaki colour, the islanders adapted the style to their traditional bright colours, such as pink, yellow, blue, and lime green. This is still the fashion today, however, most Europeans find this to be garish and ugly.

You might be wondering, since they were created such a long time ago, are Bermuda shorts in style today, and do Bermuda shorts look good?

The answer to that is, absolutely!

Today, they come in a wide variety of flattering materials, both subdued and bright fun colours and even patterns ranging from classic and casual to fun and bold. One of the most popular fun, causal pieces is the Union Jack pattern.

With all these various business and casual styles, materials and patterns, a person could be tempted to ask, can I wear Bermuda shorts to work?

That all depends on your employer, and where you work. Bermuda shorts are indeed used in many businesses as part of the uniform. One well known parcel delivery service, known for their brown vans and uniforms, has used Bermuda shorts as part of their company uniform for decades.

Ask your boss, you might get a surprise and be told yes!

Ryder Cup Memories

Ryder Cup Memories

The Ryder cup is always an excellent event of golfing brilliance, bringing together some of the best golfers across Europe and the United States. This years’ event was to be held at the Celtic Manor Resort in South Wales. With its lush green hills and plenty of water hazards it can be a testing course for the best of the professionals. As usual the Ryder cup has once again attracted its’ following clan; of USA flag bearing and Union Jack Baseball Cap wearing supporters. It seems like the good Welsh weather is insisting on setting some guidelines to the type of accessories one should be bringing, as well as golf clubs the Golf umbrella will not be short of being overused at this event.

Day one was restricted to just two sessions of two hours after torrential down pours forced most of the players to remain in the club house. Supporters had to swap their Novelty Golf hat for Golf umbrellas until the rain finally subsided enough for Dustin Johnson to take the first tee of the tournament early in the morning, unfortunately missing the fairway, not surprising as visibility was poor. Colin Montgomeries’ team received a warm welcome from local supporters as Lee Westwood and Martin Keymer teed off the action for Europe. After pitching out of a very wet bunker Lee Westwood headed two up against Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson, with the USA fighting back with a long putt by Stewart Cink on the 3rd. The two rookies to the Ryder Cup Bubba Watson and Jeff Overton birdied the first and second giving great confidence to The American captain.

The rest of the day was pretty much destroyed by heavy rain and a very wet course. “Good Welsh weather” one supporter expressed in her drowned Union Jack Baseball Cap and dripping Union Jack Earrings. The game continued at 5 pm with some amazing putting from both the Europeans and the Americans put ended with four balls left to play.

Day Two saw brighter weather and more people sported a Novelty Golf hat in the crowed as the remaining 4 balls where completed early, with Phil Mickelson missing a putt on the 16th putting the first point on the board for Montgomeries’ team. Rory Mcilroy birdied his first putt of the day setting high hopes for the European team, the United States kept it together with hopes for a day two win until Rory Mcilroy put away a massive putt making match two all square. Ian Poulter needed a birdie to give Europe a chance of a half point on the day but wasn’t to be. Bubba Watson and Jeff Overton continued on a rain of birdies to lead the way for a close of day result of Europe 1 ½ points – USA 2 ½ points.

Day three again was delayed play because of heavy rain but soon brightened up, as did the golf with Lee Westwood putting away a huge putt early on. Lee Westwood and Luke Donald finished their foursome against Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker with a five and six win. Zach Johnson, the USA wildcard, gave an amazing performance with a birdie putt on the 16th giving some hope to Corey Pavins’ men. McIlroy and then Fisher both came back with huge birdies on the 17th keeping the European team as the 3rd session favourites. Jeff Overton played a 150 yard fairway shot straight into the hole bringing their foursome to just one behind and a surge in the USA flag being waived from the crowed.

The weather continued to stay clear as I again saw the lady in the Union Jack Earrings looking a bit dryer than the day before. Rickie Fowler placed a brilliant ball straight in from a bunker shot on the 11th which I have to say was the shot of the day for me. Matt Kuchar plopped one in on the 13th just when things were starting to look bad for the US, but is wasn’t enough as Europe continued with outstanding putting finishing the day with an overall result of Europe 9 ½ points U.S.A. 6 ½ Points.

Day Four had a blanket of fog over the course but saw the weather holding out for some brilliant golf but not so much USA flag waiving, as Ian Poulter claimed the shot of the day with a huge hole from the fairway on the 11th. This being the first time in 83 years that the Ryder cup has rolled over onto a Monday a thinning crowed was expected, but quite the contrary. Supporters turned out in their droves to watch the final day and there was not a Golf umbrella in sight except to be used as a walking stick. Graeme McDowell beats Hunter Mahan to clinch the deciding point for Europe to win 14 ½ to 13 ½ at Celtic Manor in Wales. A massive display of celebration by Colin Montgomerie and his men as the result came to light, later saw the proud Captain raise the Ryder Cup in the 38th time that it has been played and welcomed back into European hands.